CDRC & BRC Rules


Always pass left hand to left hand when meeting riders coming the other way.
Don’t walk or halt on the outside track, or walk two or three abreast anywhere in the arena.
Don’t crowd around the entrance to the arena.
If it is busy always make it clear that you are about to jump by shouting ‘Jumping’ or ‘jumping spread’ etc. This way, people will know to get out of your way.
Jump wings are marked with red and white flags (or red and white paint). You should jump them in one direction only. Always jump with the white flag/wing on your left and the red flag/wing on your right. If you jump in the wrong direction you could be eliminated from your class.
The practice jump should not be bigger than the maximum height of the jumps in the first round of the competition. So make sure your helper doesn’t put them up too high.
Spreads must always be jumped so that the front element is lower than the back one.
No pole or obstacle of any kind can be held by hand for the horse to jump.
If you knock a jump, put it back up again.
If one arena is being used for both flatwork and jumping, be careful not to upset the horses being worked on the flat.
Don’t use the warm up arena as a place to sit on (or hold) your horse to watch the rest of the action.


Always pass left hand to left hand when meeting a rider coming the other way, unless she’s in counter-canter – in which case you should give way by circling.
Sort out your tack and girth, etc outside the arena or near the middle – not on the centre or diagonal line.
Make it clear, by shouting, that you are about to enter an indoor warm-up arena as you don’t want to get mown down.
Your whip shouldn’t be so long that it could upset a passing horse.
Don’t halt or walk on the outside track.
Ask your trainer or any other helpers to stay clear, as they shouldn’t stand in the warm-up arena.
Riders with impaired vision can wear a white armband to indicate to others to be careful.


Make yourself known to the stewards in each warm-up area – they’ll check your tack and tell you when it’s your turn to go.
There are rules about what type of show jumps are allowed in the warm-up area. Check the rule book to make sure you don’t get into trouble if your helper alters the jumps.
The warm-up fences are jumped in one direction only – red flag on the right, white flag on the left.
Don’t gallop up behind people in the cross-country warm-up area.
Boots and whips can be used when warming up for dressage but must be removed before you start your test.